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What is a Sample Pack?
Our Sample Package is comprised of an assortment of healthy snacks and healthy fat burners that will help you curve your appetite within minutes. As a time limited offer our team has decided to include the revolutionary “Healthy Weight Management" E-Manual (a $59 Value) ABSOLUTELY FREE, which will help you learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Plus you will receive the help and support of a trained personal wellness coach who will be available for you on an ongoing basis at no cost to you. If you’re serious about changing your body, Click Here to get started
How do I access my e-manual?
This document is the Ultimate interactive guide that will help prepare your body to start losing fat and inches in no time, while cleansing your body and increasing your nutritional intake, helping you become thinner and healthier at the same time. It will explain in detail how to implement healthy eating habits without starving, excessive exercise and without giving up the foods you love. There is no need to download anything (no risk of viruses), it is a full online manual which you can access anytime online without compromising your computer and easily ready to print should you like to have a reference of your progress.
How do I access My Wellness Coach?
Your coach will be available to you through e-mail and phone. After you have completed the request form for Our Sample Package you will receive an e-mail with your coach's contact info as well as their available times. You can also find their number at the top of this webpage.
What exactly is in the Sample Package?
You will receive a sample of our advanced Right-Protein Right-Carb products packed with vitamins to help you stay full and healthy: bars, drink & soup mixes , fat burners and an informational brochure to teach you how to make the best of of our program. You will get all of these in the mail within 5 working days of your submitting your form.
When will I get my Package?
Once your payment is accepted you will receive instructions on how to access your e-manual, within 24 hrs you will receive a call from your personal wellness coach to provide you with their contact information, and details on how to use the products in your package, which will be arriving in the mail within 3-5 working days (mon-fri)
How Much does this Sample Package Cost?
The Sample Package is Now completely Free as well as our e manual and the limited time offer for our 6 months of personalized wellness coaching. Yes absolutely FREE, the only thing you would be responsible for is a $12.95 fee for shipping and processing. Once you have your entire package you will understand how the valuable products and information you will receive are really priceless.
How will the e-manual help me lose weight?
The e-manual helps you understand weight loss, how carbs and protein affect your body and how to get out of the emotional ties that keep us from reaching our goals. This e-manual will help you understand yourself better and help you make the simple, but necessary changes that will help you start and maintain a healthy lifestyle without starving, excessive exercise and without giving up the foods you love.
Will this program work for me?
This program works for everyone that follows it. Our success rate is unmatched and has been successful for people only 5 pounds overweight and it has done wonders for people with over 200 pounds to lose. The reason why it works so well is because of our strong emphasis on nutrition and gradual improvement in your eating habits, helping you improve your overall health and lifestyle. It is important that you understand; however that the sample package alone is not enough for you to begin losing weight but it certainly will guide you
I don’t have regular access to the internet, how do I get support?
Once you have become a participant of our program you are given a special user name and password to access your e-manual, which you can print in full. If you can't log on to the internet you may call your personal wellness coach as often as you need to, for help, support and encouragement.
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