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“Now I have enough energy to keep up with my grandkids.”  

Before: 160 Lbs  After : 130 Lbs

Jossie A.
30 Pounds Lost

Weight-gain doldrums.

Jossie was stuck in an all too familiar situation–weight loss, weight gain. “That would make me even more depressed, and then I would gain even more weight,” Jossie says. “I couldn’t seem to break out of my rut, and, as a result, I had very little energy and hope for the future.” Years passed, and Jossie wondered if she would ever find a way to take the weight off.

Catchy newspaper ad
Jossie finally found reason for hope when she responded to an ad. “Previous diets had failed because they were too hard to follow,” recalls Jossie. “[This] Weight- Management Program was much easier. I didn’t have to count calories and saw results right away.”

Key Motivator: “To take care of myself and look and feel better.”
Health tip: “Take advantage of all of the Inner and Outer Nutrition® products.”
Favorite “thin ’n fit” activity: “I’ve become a big fan of kick boxing, aerobic step classes and Pilates.”



* The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.
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